Danielle Hinkley

Danielle Hinkley


  • Personnel Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Transient Lodging Tax Committee
  • Bee City Committee


Masters of Business Administration - Southern Oregon University 2015

B.S. in Business Administration Accounting - Southern Oregon University 2013

Certificate in Information Systems - Southern Oregon University 2013

Digital Infrastructure and Communications

I want to modernize the digital infrastructure and communications of City Hall through the website and back end systems. This will allow citizens a virtual doorway into communications and city council meetings. I believe this will improve citizen involvement and hold City Hall accountable.

A citizen alert system will allow city hall to communicate in real time with Gold Hill residents of emergency situations, water issues, meetings and events. Streaming council meetings will allow all citizens to see and hear the meetings regardless of their ability to attend. A website update will improve citizens ability to find municipal codes, forms and documents, archives and city departments. A city calendar will allow better communication of council meetings and times as well as official city events. A separate community calendar would allow local organizations and businesses to promote their events and inform citizens of their offerings.

Fiscal Conservancy and Spending Controls

I am a fiscal conservative with a Bachelor’s of Science in Public Accounting and I believe this will aid me in making sound fiscal decisions on behalf of Gold Hill citizens. Tax money should be spent wisely in order to maintain our infrastructure and reduce debt. Gold Hill does not have a large tax base and we need to spend what we have in the right places in order to keep our town properly cared for. Once those essential things are paid for we can save for larger projects. In other words, we must pay the light bill and the rent before we can buy a new fence.


Whether it is digital or physical the world is consistently developing new products, new ideas and new processes. Our city hall needs to be researching and analyzing these emerging systems to determine if they can reduce costs, improve processes, improve communications and transparency. We should not modernize for the sake of modernizing, but we should be evaluating if a new process, product or idea could better our town and city hall.